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Hello and thank you for your interest in my natural hair products. My company is based in Houston, Tx, 5th Ward and my interest in hair started as a child. Growing up I would play in my friends hair creating all kinds of styles and as I got older I would do it for a form of income leading up to becoming a licensed hairstylist in my early 20's. I retired from that career in January 2020, I am now 46. I was forced to make a decision that had been pondering on my mind for a long time without having to decide about it any further because at the time I had no choice. Covid came through and I took that as my way out to press forward and put 100% into my product company. I know my products are great and there's some things that I truly have to focus on in order to get to where I'm going with The Strand Collection Organics. 

I dreamed of having my name on products about 20 years ago and I would always tell my friends that I would. Two of them didn't make it to see it but I know they're looking down and smiling on me because I'm here now. I'm still climbing but I made it this far. I always Praise God for carrying me this far. He gave me this mission and I'm doing all that I can to make sure I fulfill it gracefully with his Mercy.

I started my company in May 2016 with one natural product, the Amazing Hair Tea and back then it was called "The Spray". At the time I used tap water to make it along with my herbs and other natural ingredients and now I use Aloe water as the base. I've learned what works best for my formulas to work at maximum strength and every product work to it's highest potentials.


After using the first product I knew I had something great because the transformation of my clients hair was improving by the week and so was mines. Shortly afterwards local people started asking me if I make hair oils. I didn't at the time but it wasn't long after being asked too many times. I started my research for different natural herbs for certain hair concerns. I already knew what I was using in my formula was going to work because for one, they are all natural and two studies showed proven results that it would. The PURE Hair Grow Drops became a best seller. Then a little while after the oil drops came the Natural Strands Hair Food and the rest is history in the making. 

I wanted my hair product line to be easy to apply without all the stiff instructions, simple enough for the kids to use if they needed to but nutritious enough to make the hair strands flourish from the inside out. I created all products to grow the hair although they all serve different purposes. 

The products are for all hair types and ages. Women, men and children can use them. No concern is too big. If it's balding and thinning I have products for that. If it's breaking and shedding, I have products for that. If it's dry itchy scalp I have products for that too. No matter which product you use by The Strand Collection Organics you will see results beyond your expectations. They're all natural, vegan and cruelty free products. They all work amazingly great. 

I absolutely love what I do. My passion for taking care of hair hasn't left just because I'm not standing behind the chair anymore. My passion is deeper than the outside of the head. I'm here to improve the head from the roots on out with my natural hair products. Restoring hair and hope one strand at a time. I hope sharing a part of my story will gain your trust in me and my products. These products are produced from experience for a purpose. I have so much more to share with you all and I hope you stay a part of me to see it. Thank you and please don't hesitate to try them you will not be disappointed. 

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