How often should I use the products?

As often as you like, I suggest you use them at least 2-3 days a week. Preferably in the mornings.



What are the products made of?

All products are made of quality herbs, natural oils and organic butters. There's no artificial colors, fragrances or ingredients added to any of the products. 


What is the quality of the ingredients?

The best quality. All ingredients are carefully selected once the research has been completed on several options.



How to choose the right product?

That's the best part about The Strand Collection's hair products. No matter which product you choose, every product work for hair growth, scalp conditioning and hair thickening. Some products are specifically designed for severe hair loss while others are for daily maintenance and more. Pick your PRODUCT here,



What makes The Strand Collection different?

The Founder, Angela has 30 years in hair care experience and with that she has gained a substantial amount of knowledge over the years and has found a dynamic way of sharing her knowledge with others throughout her hair care line of natural hair products. She is the science, beauty and the brains behind the brand.



Do The Strand Collection have a RETURN or SHIPPING POLICY?

Yes, see the policies.


How do I make an Exchange/Return?

Please see the return policy HERE it gives you all the answers.



How long does SHIPPING usually take?

Shipping is usually within 7-10 business days from the purchase date.


How may I CONTACT you?

All contact info is in the contact section. Please visit the page.

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