Had Covid? Did it affect your hair?

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Hey, lately the number of Covid cases has went up tremendously and what I'm learning here lately is that not only is it affecting our health in a detrimental way it's also affecting our hair just as bad.

With me having my product company I'm used to the normal question of "What can make my hair grow" but now omg the new question from my Queens is "What can make my hair grow back cause Covid broke it all out?" This has become the newest form of hair loss that's never been heard of..think about it! It's all new to all of us!! The whole Covid effect is taking over and I haven't experienced it..THANK GOD and Prayers to those who has and is.

Ok. Now my question is, have you experienced this new type of hair loss during this pandemic? If so I'm trying to learn some things about it because it seems to be here to stay and if I can find a way for us to avoid the hair loss due to Covid I need more info on it.

Like when did you notice it? Was it during or after, lots of hair or strands here and there??. Sorry yall I wanna know 😁 so please please share it with me. Or even if you know someone who has please share.

At the end of the day those ladies used my products and surely their hair is regaining strength and growing back nice and healthy!!!! We already lose hair throughout the day just by living out normal lives...who needs another form of hair loss added to living? Not me👋🏾 but I recommended the Mega Drops for growth and Banana Whip for growth and strengthening. Their hair bounced back like a champ! Im waiting to hear from another lady who purchased 2 weeks ago. I'm waiting and listening yall lol

Leave a comment if you wanna share your Covid story with me or have any questions due to this now, new hair loss concern. Thank you. 🖤

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