It All Started Here in May 2016...

Honestly I've always known I would have my very own hair product line. What I didn't know is what type of products or when I would actually make it happen. I visualized myself making them and presenting them to the people and guess what yall, it happened.

It happened so fast to where I found myself becoming interested in natural herbs and what herbs would be a healing for the hair. I started doing my research on what worked for this, that and the other. Once I did my research on several different herbs and natural oils I went to the store and picked up those exact ingredients. I got back home and started that day which was a Sunday and it started in my kitchen. My first product was a hair mist and it was a water base. I formulated it to thicken the hair and grow the hair. I literally made that product in 1 day!! I would use it on myself and at the time I was a hairstylist so my clients was surely benefiting from this product as well.

After about 2-3 weeks of using it not only did I notice the transformation of my hair, my clients also noticed the difference in their hair. The texture became more sleek and defined and most of all manageable. The hair growth was starting to be faster than ever for all of us. We knew I had created something great. Others started asking me what was I using and my clients had started spreading the word about "the spray" that I had formulated and how great it was working for their hair. Eventually I began to make more and more for others who wanted it. It became a must have product for so many people and that was just a hair mist made of natural herbs, natural oils and natural hair softeners with a water base. That product is a best seller now today! It's now called "Amazing Hair Tea".

Once the Amazing Hair Tea surfaced the people believed in me so much and had gained an enormous amount of confidence in me for making hair grow they started requesting products for me to make. One thing about me is I listened to the people and all their wants and needs especially if it would help them in any kind of way.

The 1st request was for a hair grease. I hadn't thought about it but I knew I could definitely make it happen just as I did the 1st product and I also knew it was gonna be a hit! I began my research and made my store run for ingredients to fulfill the mission. I made that grease and of course like the hair tea it too had become a in demand product. For those that was using it noticed how fast their hair was starting to grow. They immediately got the word out and the rest is history for that product which is now called "Natural Strands Hair Food" It feed the follicles and nourish them so well that it had to be called hair food instead of grease. Another top seller still to date.

The next product was PURE Hair Grow Drops and these drops are truly amazing for hair growth. I really formulated 3 natural hair products in 1 year. Not just any products but the ones the world became so interested in and they had to have them. I knew I could do this and so I did with confidence knowing I had created something so great that was building confidence in others. There's glory in our crown. It doesn't matter if you're woman or man. We all want full hair if nothing else. Some of us like the length and none of us are ready to face forced hair loss.

With every product I own today I put the thoughts of my people first! I always consider what's needed and how can they use it to make an impact in their lives. My customers are always my first priority! I now have added several more phenomenal natural hair products to the list and I have so many more to create. I absolutely love what I do and making others smile when they look in the mirror is a big deal to me.

I'm Blessed to have the knowledge of the head of hair and how it operates. That comes with 28 years in experience as a licensed hairstylist. I'm forever grateful to be able to share my knowledge with so many others all over the world. It's what I wanted from the start and now it's all happening. I make the products for you. All you have to do is simply apply them to your scalp and let them do the rest. All of my natural products are easy to use. No confusing instructions on how to use them...I just say use them!!Use them whenever and as often as you like. Keep in mind that each ingredient has been strongly researched by me and each product is formulated by me. I am the science behind them and I stand on that. I stand on the fact that they really do work and they work fast to get the job done in a little time. No matter which product you choose you're going to get amazing hair growth results and the overall total health of your hair will be so noticeable to others. That's when you know you're using some great products. If you're new here and want to try but not sure about results, check out the gallery and see for yourself or better yet make a purchase and try them for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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