How are you fighting against this covid, cold & flu season?

Updated: Nov 16

2020 has hit us in so many major ways including the world being attacked by covid. We use to only have to worry about the common cold and flu but now we have a new demon to fight for real. We gotta protect ourselves the best way we can yall. No one wants to end up in the hospital with all the others that's suffering with covid. Prayers up for all. It's scary and real at the same time. My best advice to you is to find yourself a herbal, earthly regimen to follow daily. Nothing is better than what's given from God!

I myself strongly believe in herbal teas. They're extremely healthy because if they're really 100% herbal then we know its from Mother Nature, from the land. Everything from the land is beneficial. Just think of how our ancestors live to be over 100 years of age with long flawless hair and lasting health. They did and we still have so many elders here with us today that's over 100 years of age. It's the land and all the natural remedies that's created from it. It was given to us for a reason.

When I think of a great regimen I always come up with a great tasting, healthy herbal tea. Especially one that has all the disease fighting ingredients in it. How can you go wrong with ridding the body of the disease packing toxins and replacing it with natural healing herbs?

There's several to use and are super high in the vitamins we need to fight off all that yucky stuff from entering the body. My main two are Elderberry and Oranges. Those two combined together pack a mean punch and win against colds and the flu every time. The flavor from the both are great when mixed with herbs as an herbal tea blend. The berry flavor and citrus is so good alone. Plus it surely does build up the immune system!

Benefits of Elderberry

Elderberry is the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world. It's been used to treat infections since the beginning of time. Today elderberry is often used to treat cold and flu symptoms. They high in nutrients, support heart health, fight inflammation and infections, among other benefits. Low in calories and packed with antioxidants. High in vitamin C.

Benefits of Oranges

Oranges is a citrus fruit and high in vitamin C in which we all know is a main source to help fight against cold & flu. It helps build a healthy immune system, prevents skin damage, keeps blood pressure under control, lowers the cholesterol, controls blood sugar level. Just to name a few of the amazing benefits of this healthy piece of earth.

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