Banana Hair Grow Smoothie

Banana Hair Grow Smoothie


Banana Hair Smoothie is a hair strengthening deep treatment. It's made of fresh fruit that are highly effective for hair growth and hair strengthening. The hair smoothie stops hair breaking and shedding by proving the strands with lots of natural oils and vitamins needed to maintain a healthy head of hair. It's for anyone who has severely damaged hair, hair breakage & shedding, slow hair growth, irritated scalp, dry brittle hair and those who need extra moisture. Along with the fresh fruit it also contains natural herbs and The Strands Collection Organics very own hair growth formula. Hair growth is definitely to be expected when using the hair smoothie. 




Aloe Gel,

Coconut Water,


Natural Oils,




Apply hair smoothie to clean wet hair. Totally cover the entire head. Place a plastic cap/bag on your head and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you have a hood type of hair dryer you can sit under it for 20 minutes..if not then 30 minutes with just the cap/bag. After the time is up rinse out 1st and then apply a little shampoo to wash out the residue from the fruit. If needed use a comb to comb through to make certain there's no remaining residue. Style as desired and enjoy your happy, soft, fresh feeling and scented hair!


Made of 100% Natural Ingredients ONLY

Hair smoothies are shipped with frozen ice pack in insure freshness within delivery time.

  • Care Instructions

    Must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival and remain refrigerated when you're not using. Best use within 2 months of purchase.

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