1) 4oz Fenugreek oil

1) 8oz Fenugreek Growth Moisturizer Cream

1) 6oz Fenugreek Hair Growth Grease


Product Description:

Fenugreek Combo has all the summertime essentials that your hair needs to maintain healthy hair growth throughout this hot drying season. This combo is best for hair strengthening, lessening breaking, shedding, removing dandruff, preventing split ends, preventing premature greying, promoting hair growth, a scalp conditioning treatment, and more. 


There are tons of natural herbs carefully selected to work at maximum strength for hair health such as Fenugreek seed, Black seed, Comfrey leaves, Rosemary, Shea butter, Cinnamon and so many more. 


*Hair Growth Tip: SHAMPOO OFTEN! It's truly a key factor for hair growth.


For ADULTS & KIDS use. 

Can be used on beards and eyebrows. 


Has not been tested for hair regrowth such as alopecia and severe balding, but it is super great for faster hair growth in general. 


For severe hair loss, I suggest 24/7 Hair Grow drops, it has been proven to combat the toughest hair loss concerns such as balding and alopecia.