Hair Boost + Energy Drinking Tea * 20 Bags

Hair Boost + Energy Drinking Tea * 20 Bags

Hair Boost + Energy Tea was solely created to cleanse the body of toxins so that your blood cells can transport nutrients to the follicles better. Every ingredient used in this tea helps stimulate the scalp, resulting in faster and thicker hair growth. Women across all cultures have drunken tea for centuries to beautify the skin and hair. Drinking tea has a healing affect on the body which ultimately leads to healthy skin, well-functioning follicles, and hair growth. 




Purifies the Blood.

Stimulates Circulation of the Scalp.

Feeds the Follicles Nutrition.

Strengthens Hair.



Place tea bag in a cup of hot water, let steam for 10-15 minutes. You may add honey or agave nectar for sweetener.


Each tea bag contains 2 servings. 


Whole herbs, Not powder or pressed.


Hair Boost + Energy Drinking Tea is also know to add daily energy without the crash effect at the end of the day! Ladies we all could use this tea for so many reasons.


Ingredients used are also in the hair growth products.


Drink daily, in the mornings for best results.

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