Natural Strands Hair Growth Grease-8oz

Natural Strands Hair Growth Grease-8oz

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Natural Strands Hair Growth Grease is food for the scalp. It conditions the scalp while strengthening the strands. The natural herbs cool & soothes the scalp while hitting its target of scalp healing which prepare for hair growth. You will see results in 5-7 days. This product is for all ages, ethnics & genders. Directions: Use on wet or dry hair. 1.Part your hair, grease your scalp. If natural use as needed, at least 2-3 times a week. 2. Natural Strands Hair Food can also be used as a relaxer base for my relaxed members. In case you didn't know. The beeswax base and butters coat the scalp while conditioning and strengthening the hair also. No more burns and imagine back combing all those great naturals into the hairs cuticles, protecting it from the harsh chemicals of the relaxer beginning at the roots. Gotta start somewhere so why not there? Plus the health and growth is unimaginable which will be noticeable in a week. Why not now?Little girls and boys hair combing sessions becomes a lot easier when using this phenomenal hair product. The moisture is on lock for days and in some cases weeks. It's like magic when used with Amazing Hair Tea. 100% All Natural IngredientsHair growth Thicker HairHair Texture RestorationInstant Hair RepairDandruff ReliefScalp Healing/ SoothingHair RegrowthAnd More... Care Instructions: Keep in a cool space. The contents will break down and melt if stored in a warm space. Ingredients: 100% Beeswax Organic Shea Butter Organic CoCo Butter Natural Herbs 100% Organic Coconut Oil 100% Organic Avocado Oil 100% Jamaican Blackseed Oil 100% Lemongrass Oil Cinnamon Oil


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