PURE Hair Grow Drops-Regular Strength-4oz

PURE Hair Grow Drops-Regular Strength-4oz

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4oz- PURE Hair Grow is the ultimate hair growth formula that delivers rapid results. Every natural ingredient added aims directly at the resistant areas. We knew we succeeded when they started coming back for more. Now there's women and men globally using these amazing hair growth drops that really has proved themselves to do all the work once applied to the scalp & hair. Directions: Apply a 1-2 drops to your concerned area of your head. Massage in for 30 seconds. Do not rinse. PURE Hair Grow Drops can also be used as a hot oil treatment after shampoo. Simply towel dry your hair, part your hair and lightly oil your scalp. Add conditioner of your choice; comb from roots to ends. Place plastic cap, sit under hot dryer for 20-30 minutes & lightly shampoo out the remaining oils. Style as desired. Ingredients: Ylang Ylang Natural Herbs Coconut Oil Sunflower Oil Jojoba Oil Argan Oil


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