Straight Up Total Body Detox Tea * 10 Day Cleanse

Straight Up Total Body Detox Tea * 10 Day Cleanse

Straight Up Total Body Detox Tea is for anyone experiencing bloating, discomfort or just plain sluggish, excess waste trapped in the body may be the cause. Straight Up Total Body Detox Tea is a great choice for cleansing your entire body one cup of tea at a time. Unlike other cleanses that will have you running to the restroom multiple times a day, our natural tea contains hebal ingredients that are gentle on your body and help it to regulate itself. Straight Up Total Body Detox Tea restores the body's natural functions and balances nutrients to promote greater overall health. The natural ingredients in this tea have properties that have been known to promote liver, lung, kidney, heart and colon health. This formula does not contain any artificial ingredients, relying solely on natural ingredients to revitalize your health and well being. With our cleanse tea you will notice an increase in your natural energy levels and a reduction of bloating or gastrointestinal discomfort. This tea contains nettle, milk thistle, echinacea, turmeric, cilantro, mint and hibiscus. Drink this tea in the morning and at night before bed. This tea is for both men and women.



Natural Detox Cleanse Quality Herbal Tea For Optimal Health. Drink Everyday For Best Results.


Super Clear Urine. Pass with Confidence!



To prepare your tea, simply place your tea bag in a cup and add hot water. You can add honey, lemon juice or agave nectar for flavoring. (Optional)


Complete the 10 day supply for best results.


Each tea bag contains 2 servings,


Whole herbs, Not powder or pressed.

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