The Mega Pack * Extra Strength

The Mega Pack * Extra Strength


The Mega Pack Includes:

1 - 4oz The Strands Mega Follicle Booster

(Stimulates the hair follicles for speedy hair growth)


1 - 8oz The Strands Hair Food

(Conditions the scalp, resulting in hair growth)


1 - 8oz Amazing Hair Tea

(Softens the strands, Detangles the hair, Locks in the strands for lasting moisture, Beard spray, Curl patteren restoration, Revives hair texture)


1 - 12oz The Strands Banana Conditioner

(Prevents breakage & shedding, Strands strengthener, Repairs split ends, Prevents future damages, Packed with nutrients & vitamins)



Mega Follicle Booster wakes up those hair follicles instantly, resulting in faster hair growth


Hair Strengthening


Continuous Moisture


Scalp Conditioning


Softer Strands







All products includes our very own natural hair growth formula! Hair growth exceeds expectations with this set!


All products are 100% natural


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