Pure Hair Grow * Light Formula
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Pure Hair Grow * Light Formula

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Pure Hair Grow Light Formula For Kids – 4 fl. oz.

Want your baby’s hair to grow pronto?

Pure Hair Grow is designed just for babies. It is infused with natural ingredients to stimulate healthy hair growth no matter your toddler’s age. Designed with your baby’s scalp in mind, there’s no harsh chemical and the formula itself is extremely light for baby’s sensitive skin. 

Contains coconut oil for sealing in moisture and nutrients, argan oil for reducing hair breakage and splitting, with hints of cinnamon and lemon extracts to leave an invigorating scent. It’s super-easy to apply and your baby will quickly grow hair to feature in hundreds of snapshots you’re craving to click.

Natural, organic, vegan-friendly

Promotes healthy hair growth

Repairs and rejuvenates damaged hair

Reduces hair splitting, breakage & hair loss

Free of harsh chemicals and sulfates

Suitable for eyebrows and beards as well

Applicable age group: 0-5 years


Apply a few drops directly onto the scalp and gently rub the area for 30 seconds. Do NOT rinse out.