Scalp Soother
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Scalp Soother

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 Dry, itchy scalp can make you go crazy!

Stop scratching! There’s a solution out there that locks in moisture and provides soothing relief when your scalp goes berserk. Scalp soother is liquid gold designed to soothe a dry scalp and condition hair.

You know what’s the number #1 cause of itchy scalp? Dandruff! Scalp Soother will reduce dandruff and alleviate itchiness, ultimately reducing the urge to scratch. Together with seaweed, eucalyptus, and coconut oil, the formula will bring your scalp back to life, while the final touch of mint will leave a cool after-feel for all-day comfort.

Say goodbye to dry scalp woes and stop scratching!

Natural blend of essential oils, herbs & botanical extracts

Thick and rich; ideal for moisturizing scalp

Calms frizz, tames and nourishes hair

Doesn’t give your hair a heavy look

Free of additives, artificial colors or fragrances


Spritz directly onto the scalp. Massage in with your fingertips and you’re all set.