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I am Angela Morris, I founded my natural hair product line in May 2016. This all started with a vision over 20 years ago and a kitchen to prep 4 years ago. I would often tell my friends that I would have my own hair products one day; my name was going to be on some products! Time surely passed by however I never stopped speaking those words. During my 20 plus years as a hair stylist I can truly say I have experienced some situations when it comes to the head of hair. Whether it's hereditary, chemical damage, aging, medication, alopecia, male pattern baldness or whatever other concerns we face, no one wants to lose their hair. I have heard some stories and there's a story to be told underneath every scalp. 

On a Sunday morning I literally woke up like I got thumped in the head or something and I jumped out of bed, got myself together, went to the store to gather up some things I had already read about for several hair concerns. I basically figured out a way to create a hair product that would be for all types of hair and hair concerns.

I got all those natural herbs and ingredients, added them to a pot of water. After that process was over I added them to spray bottles. I would use it on my clients at the salon to see if this would bring about any changes to their hair. After a couple of weeks rolled by we all started noticing the shine, change in texture plus the more frequent inches in new growth. OK, I knew I was on to something then. It took no time for "The Spray" to get out and people started asking for it. My very first product "The Spray" is now one of my best sellers called Amazing Hair Tea. After this one I was starting to get requests for hair grease, and then the hair oils began. Now it's history in the making.

Within these last few years of building my company I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge, I've earned trust from others I've never met and most of all I realize how Blessed I am to be able to contain all my years of learned lessons and experiences into bottles and spread them all over the world. God has continued to carry me thus far and I proudly accept my mission to honor him. 

By doing so I will always provide quality natural hair care to each and every one who trust my brand for their hair care solutions. It's more than speedy hair growth. It's total hair health, naturally. Thank you for taking your time to read a part of my story. Remember underneath every scalp lies a story just waiting to be told. What's your story?

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