Meet Our Lady CEO ~ Angela

Welcome, I'm Angela! I started my company in May 2016 with one natural product, the Amazing Hair Tea and back then it was called "The Spray". Over the years I've learned what works best for each formula to perform at maximum strength and every product work to it's highest potentials. My natural hair products are known for hair regrowth; for those that has severe hair loss, bald spots and for most cases of alopecia; for all men, women and children. All hair types. My products are made to strengthen weak hair, naturally moisturize dry brittle hair to prevent shedding and breakage and most of all the natural ingredients used in the products contribute in healthy hair. No matter which product is used Hair Growth is always the ending results. I love what I do and I'm forever grateful to God for giving me the tools needed to fulfill such a big spot in today's world. 

My company is based in Houston, Tx, 5th Ward and my interest in hair started as a child. Growing up I would play in my friends hair creating all kinds of styles and as I got older I would do it for a form of income leading up to becoming a licensed hairstylist in my early 20's. I retired from that career in January 2020, I am now 46. I was forced to make a decision that had been pondering on my mind for a long time without having to decide about it any further because at the time I had no choice. Covid came through and I took that as my way out to press forward and put 100% into my product company.​

I dreamed of having my name on products about 20 years ago and I would always tell my friends that I would. Two of them didn't make it to see it but I know they're looking down and smiling on me because I'm here now. I'm still climbing but I made it this far. I always Praise God for carrying me this far. He gave me this mission and I'm doing all that I can to make sure I fulfill it gracefully with his Mercy.