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One Potent Formula,
Many Healthy Hair Benefits

24/7 Hair Grow always wins the fight against hair loss. Our formula was created for women and men that are experiencing unfamiliar signs of hair breakage or shedding. Our potent formula expands closed hair follicles, reopening them up so that the nutrients and the right amount of blood can flow through, releasing oxygen-causing root stimulation for effective hair growth, giving a fuller healthier look.

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24/7 Hair Grow oil helped to restore my damaged hair after a bad chemical service. 

I thought I wanted straight hair again until I applied the one relaxer that literally melted all of the color-treated hair off to the new growth of my natural hair right before my eyes. 

As crazy as it may seem, this is a common mistake that happens quite often, especially if your hair has previous chemicals on it. I bleached my hair one month prior to this service. It's definitely a lesson that you learn the first time you experience it. 

I started using 24/7 Hair Grow oil daily, as hot oil treatments weekly and now my hair is in tip-top shape again. My hair is super healthy and growing like clockwork. Non-stop, 24/7. I believe and trust in this product and you should too.

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