The Strands Hair Food - 10 oz

This is a multi-purpose, handmade natural hair product. Hair growth, hair thickening, scalp conditioning, softer strands, dandruff control and more. For all types of hair. Non heavy, non oily, non greasy. Totally vegan and cruelty free. No artificial colors, additives or fragrances. Amazing hair growth.



Organic beeswax,

Shea butter, 

Coconut oil,

Black Seed,




10 Natural herbs



Part hair into small partings, apply the hair food to the scalp with finger tips and massage in thoroughly. Continue throughout the entire head.

Repeat this as often as you like. If your scalp feels dry, feed it a little hair food. 


* The Strands Hair Food can also be used for a deep conditioning treatment after a shampoo. It's packed with Shea butter.

 While your hair is wet, apply it to your scalp as you would if you greased your scalp, if you have a choice of conditioner you can use it too. Once you've greased your scalp and applied conditioner(optional) comb from roots to ends with a widetooth comb, put on a plastic cap sit under hot dryer for 20-30 minutes. Lightly shampoo out the excess oils(optional or you can leave it in) 

* This process is great for natural hair and chemically treated hair.

* This deep penetrating process is a great way to ensure the products are absorbed into both scalp and hair strands. It's super healthy for your hair. 




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  • The Strands Hair Food is our hair grease that feeds the scalp with nutrients and vitamins. If's for hair growth, soothes irritated scalp, it's for hair growth, scalp conditioning, thicker hair strands and more. This product is typically used by parting the hair and applying to the scalp as you would when greasing your scalp. It's for all ages, genders and hair textures. 

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