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The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Hair Success In 30 Days Or Less

Are you still struggling with hair loss?

Tired of seeing all your hair strands left behind on your pillows and in your restroom sink and floors?

You probably even thought about a getting hair transplant or prescribed scalp injections but are afraid of the side effects that are caused by the treatments.  Oh, let's not mention the thought of taking the risk and the treatments don't work is mind-blowing, because then you gotta think that all that pain and suffering was for nothing. What a waste of time, effort, and money. 


Or maybe you've finally come to a place of accepting the fact that you're losing hair but still feel ugly and defeated by hair loss.


Well, guess what, I was once in your shoes. I would dread getting out of bed because I knew the amount of hair left behind was going to be horrific. I didn't want to look in the mirror most mornings because every day was a new day of more hair loss and less hair gain.  And let's not speak on hair combing, that was the worst time. You can only cover up comfortably in the winter months but the summertime won't be so comfortable with wearing scarves and caps all the time. So as you can see, I'm very familiar with those unwanted concerns about hair loss and I knew that I wasn't the only one struggling with this horrible pandemic.

I even dissected Youtube and Pinterest for at-home remedies that I could incorporate into my daily routine and I just couldn't find one that totally worked for me. After countless tries I said to myself "You know what to do, remember you are a licensed cosmetologist with  20-plus years of experience", and with that, I started to dig deep within for what I know would solve the issue. I jotted down a few steps and started implementing them into my daily, weekly, and bi-weekly routine and before I knew it I was starting to see less hair fall, less scalp, and more new hair growth. Those shallow spots were filling in and within no time my whole attitude had gone from blah to ha! All it took was a simple guide to help me grab a hold of the problem at hand and contain the cause. After applying a few easy steps my hair was back on track within 30 days.


Here's the best part! You too can implement these same simple steps into your hair growth regimen to achieve the same if not better results. After seeing how fast, effective, and easy to follow the guide was for reconstructing my dry brittle shedding hair I had to format this into The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Hair Success so that you too can regain the healthy hair that belongs to you. 

How To Use This Guide?

This guide is created for everyday use and made to help you achieve your desired hair goals with a few simple steps within 30 days or less. 

I would suggest journaling your new hair growth journey to track progess and just know that the fun part starts as soon as you start to apply the simple steps.

In this guide you will get topics, tips and tricks that can be applied to all hair types to help render healthy hair results.


Ultimately, I urge you to use the guide in a way that resonates with you. Test out the tips and tricks offered and take in the new understanding of how hair fall leads to hair loss. I wish you a fun, healthy hair growth journey and may your road to healthy hair success be everything abundant.  .

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